Improved Governance Proposed for Credit Unions

first_img The provincial government introduced proposed changes today,April 15, that will strengthen protection for credit unionmembers in Nova Scotia. The proposed amendments to the Credit Union Act focus on enhancedtraining for directors of credit unions across the province. Thechanges were prepared following extensive consultation and inputfrom credit unions across the province. “Credit unions play an important part in the fabric of ruralcommunities in Nova Scotia. The improvements being proposed todaywill help ensure that the credit union system remains responsiveand responsible to the changing needs of its members,” said KerryMorash, Minister responsible for the Credit Union Act. Specifically, the proposed amendments require first-timedirectors to complete a broad training program within a specificperiod of time, as determined by Credit Union Central. Trainingwould include information on director roles and responsibilities,knowing how to understand financial statements, knowledge ofboard governance, legal responsibilities with respect to conflictof interest, and confidentiality. Nova Scotia’s credit union system has more than $1.2 billion inassets. It serves 170,000 members across the province through 86branches. ENVIRONMENT/LABOUR–Improved Governance Proposed for CreditUnionslast_img read more

Lunenburg Pumpkin Wins National Compost Award

first_imgThere’s a dilly of a pumpkin in Lunenburg and it’s gettingnational attention. The 184-kilogram pumpkin is the winner of theComposting Council of Canada’s third annual Great Pumpkin GrowingContest. “The compost that helped this pumpkin grow so big came from thehomes of Nova Scotians who regularly put their organics andrecyclables out for collection,” said Environment and LabourMinister Kerry Morash. “I’m pleased the Composting Council ofCanada has given us this opportunity to highlight the commitmentof our citizens, businesses and government to keep Nova Scotiaclean and beautiful.” The gourd was grown by Dave Daniels, solid waste operationsmanager of the Lunenburg Regional Recycling and Compost Facility.He used Howard Dill seeds provided by the council and nurturedthe pumpkin patch with compost from his facility. “The secret to our success, naturally, was compost,” said Mr.Daniels. “We have a garden at our composting facility and we addcompost to it every year. The results, of course, speak forthemselves.” Mr. Daniels received his $500 prize for the biggest pumpkintoday, Oct. 25, from council chairperson Barry Friesen. The moneywill be donated to several local garden clubs at a later date. The Composting Council of Canada created the pumpkin growingcontest to raise awareness of the advantages of using compost toimprove the quality of soil for gardening. “It’s important to remember that when we separate our organicsfor composting, we accomplish two very good things,” said Mr.Friesen. “We reduce the amount of waste sent to our landfills andincinerators, and we produce a product that’s beneficial to oursoil.” The contest is sponsored by Miller Composting, Visions of Utopia,All Treat Farms, and Procter and Gamble. Municipal World, SolidWaste and Recycling, Composting News, Recycling Product News, andBioCycle also support the contest.last_img read more

Tenders Called for Three Road Paving Projects

first_imgThree paving projects tendered today, Nov. 8, will provide 20 kilometres of smoother, safer roadways for Nova Scotia drivers next summer. The Department of Transportation and Public Works called for tenders to repave the following three road sections: Highway 103: East of Exit 8 near Chester to the Exit 7 overpass, including all ramps (8.2 kilometres). Camperdown Road: The intersection of Highway 103 at Hebbs Cross (Lunenburg County) west to the intersection of the Camperdown School Road (5.1 kilometres). Route 302: The intersection of Trunk 2 at Nappan (Cumberland County) toward Trider Road (6.8 kilometres). All three projects are scheduled for completion by July 31, 2007. “The province is working hard to keep Nova Scotia’s roads in top shape,” said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. “By tendering these jobs now, we can get an early start on them in 2007.” The Department of Transportation and Public Works’ highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

Amendments Proposed to the Liquor Control Act

first_imgNova Scotia Liquor Corporation employees and their spouses would be able to seek employment in other businesses that deal in alcohol, and the NSLC permitted to employ beverage alcohol industry professionals, under proposed legislation amendments introduced today, Nov. 28. Len Goucher, Minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, introduced the amendments to the Liquor Control Act, saying it will resolve several issues that have affected the NSLC and its employees. “If adopted, this will allow employees of the NSLC and their spouses to seek employment in businesses, such as licensed bars and restaurants,” said Mr. Goucher. “Currently, they are forbidden from doing so, which causes hardship in many cases, especially in small communities where employment options are limited. “In addition, it would allow the NSLC to utilize professional sommeliers and mixologists, who may also do consulting work for other areas of the industry.” Other changes will make the act consistent with other legislation, such as the Members and Public Employees Disclosure Act. “It will enable the NSLC to adopt measures relating to conflict of interest and other activities that are, at a minimum, consistent with those in effect in the public service,” Mr. Goucher said. “It also offers the NSLC the ability to develop a code of conduct that can be specifically tailored to its business.”last_img read more

Employers Encouraged to Hire Apprentices

first_imgA study on the return on investment for apprenticeship shows that for every dollar an employer invests in an apprentice, they make a net return of up $1.38. The study was done by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum. It was presented in Halifax today, March 7, at a breakfast designed to encourage more employers to hire apprentices. “This research study surveyed employers representing 15 different trades across the country,” said Allison Rougeau, executive director of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum. “We are sharing this information with employers from across the country to make a positive business case for apprenticeship, and the hiring of apprentices.” The Halifax event was attended by government representatives, industry members and employers working in the cooking, autobody and automotive trades. “In Nova Scotia, we have traditionally seen a low number of apprentices in the cooking and autobody trades because we do not have enough mentors,” said Education Minister Karen Casey. “We are hoping the results of this study show employers that being a mentor not only brings personal rewards, it can bring economic rewards as well.” During the event, trades employers spoke about how hiring apprentices enhances business performance by increasing productivity and decreasing turnover. “At Wolf Collision, we have a mentoring program set up to train future technicians in the collision repair industry, and the quality of workmanship from the apprentices is great,” said Peter Wolf, president and owner of Wolf Collision. “I personally feel that the training received through apprenticeship provides the student with the skills needed to succeed in this industry.” The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is holding events for employers across the country in the coming months. Participants will have the opportunity to share perspectives with other employers and discuss apprenticeship training as a competitive advantage. A report summarizing findings will be available in the fall.last_img read more

Traffic Advisory Yarmouth County

first_imgYARMOUTH COUNTY: Highway 103 Highway 103, from the Tusket interchange east about 4.5 kilometres, will be reduced to one lane for cold planing, repaving and shouldering until Friday, July 31. Traffic delays are expected and cyclists should use extra caution because of the rough surface. -30- Local Area Office: 902-742-0587 Fax: 902-742-6000last_img

Highway 105 Designated Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell Way

first_imgHighway 105 was designated Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell Way today, March 10, to recognize the Bells’ contribution to telecommunications, hydrofoils, aeronautics and their work with the deaf community. MLA Gordie Gosse, on behalf of Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, announced the designation in Baddeck at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. “Naming Highway 105 in honour of Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell serves as an ongoing tribute to their contributions to the community, the province and the world,” said Mr. Gosse. March 10 is a significant day in the history of one of Alexander Graham Bell’s most notable inventions as the first sentence was clearly transmitted over the telephone on this date in 1876. Other highway designations include Peacekeepers Way, Miners Memorial, and Veterans Memorial Highway. In the interest of safety, the highway will continue to be referred to as Highway 105 by emergency personnel. Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1870, he and his family moved to Canada.Mr. Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and married Mabel Hubbard the same year. Bell is also known for his role with the flight of first powered aircraft in Canada in 1909, the Silver Dart.last_img read more

Board Minister Strike Committee to Preserve Holy Angels School

first_imgEducation Minister Marilyn More and the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board today, Nov. 12, agreed to establish a joint committee to help the board keep Holy Angels High School open. The Sydney school, established in 1885, is the only all-girls public school in Atlantic Canada. “This school is cherished by students, their families and the board,” said Ms. More, after a meeting with the board in Sydney. “I understand the value of this unique school, and I am committed to helping the board keep the school open.” Senior staff from the board and the Department of Education will examine all options for the school to continue. The committee has until the end of December to come up with recommendations. “This is an excellent first step to finding a solution for preserving Holy Angels as a single-gender school,” said Lorne Green, chair of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. The board, which is leasing the 50-year-old school building from the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame, was notified late last year that the lease would be terminated, effective June 30, 2011. “Preserving Holy Angels High School is a priority of the board and government, and I want to help find a solution,” said Ms. More. “The challenge now is to find an option that meets the needs of the students and their families, and allows government and the board to live within our means.”last_img read more

Traffic Advisory Digby County

first_imgDIGBY COUNTY: Dick Theriault Road The bridge on Dick Theriault Road, about two kilometres southeast of the Old DAR Railway crossing, is closed for repairs. There is no detour. Transportation officials will be on site 24 hours a day until the bridge is repaired. Local Area Office: 902-769-2192 -30-last_img

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img CUMBERLAND COUNTY: North Shore Road, Malagash North Shore Road is closed for repairs about 1.4 kilometres east of Trunk 6, until Thursday, Nov. 10. Detour via Malagash Road to Smith Road. Signs are in place. HANTS COUNTY: Lawrence Road Lawrence Road, between Route 215 and Avondale Road, has alternating lane closures for road work until Friday, Nov. 18. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Pugwash The Municipality of Cumberland is installing water lines in Pugwash. There is single-lane traffic throughout the village as the work progresses. The project is expected to be finished by Friday, Dec. 16. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Huey Lake Road Huey Lake Road, from Route 331 to Mount Pleasant Road, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Trunk 2 and Sunnylea Road, Wellington Crews are widening and repairing Trunk 2 from Sunnylea Road in Wellington to Acorn Drive in Oakfield, and on Sunnylea Road from Trunk 2 to the end of the pavement. Work is expected to be completed Tuesday, Nov. 15. Drivers should expect delays with lane closures from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Blue Jacket Street Blue Jacket Street, from Northwind Road to Bluenose Avenue, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30.Traffic is controlled by flag people and work will take place from sunrise to sunset. HANTS COUNTY: Route 215 Route 215, between Trunk 1 and Trunk 14 near Brooklyn, has alternating lane closures for road work until Friday, Nov. 18. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Fauxburg Road Fauxburg Road, from Route 324 to Mahone Bay town line, has alternating lane closures for road repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work will take place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Bluenose Avenue Bluenose Avenue, from Blue Jacket Street to Northwind Road, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work will take place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Waterloo Road Waterloo Road, from Route 210 west for about four kilometres, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Route 331 Route 331, from the Bridgewater town line to Trunk 10, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Lower Branch Road Lower Branch Road, from Civic 796 to Oaks Road, has alternating lane closures for road repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30.Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Upper Branch Road Upper Branch Road, from the Bridgewater town line to Evergreen Acres, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset.center_img YARMOUTH COUNTY: Wilson Falls Bridge, Quinan Wilson Falls Bridge on Wilson Road, Quinan, is closed for repairs until Monday, Nov. 14. Detour via Canaan Road, Gavel Road and Route 308. Detour signs will be in place. -30- VICTORIA COUNTY: Baddeck Route 205, in Baddeck, near the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, is closed to upgrade the road until Tuesday, Nov. 15. Exit 8 and 9 can be used to get into the town and access to the museum will be maintained all the time. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Route 333 Route 333, at the intersection of Ragged Lake Boulevard and Evergreen Place, has a temporary centreline and periodic lane closures for road work until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Drivers should expect delays. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset. RICHMOND COUNTY: Trunk 4 Trunk 4, from the canal bridge in St. Peter’s east for 5.8 kilometres, is reduced to one lane for gravelling and repaving until Thursday, Dec. 1. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. CONTINUING WORK INVERNESS COUNTY: Crowdis Bridge, Valley Mills Crowdis Bridge, in Valley Mills on Marble Mountain Road, is closed until further notice. Detour via Eden Road, Barren Road, Northside River Denys Road and Southside River Denys Road. Signs are in place. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Northwind Road, Northwind Road, from Route 331 to Blue Jacket Street, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work will take place from sunrise to sunset. INVERNESS COUNTY: West Lake Ainslie Road The Hayes River Bridge on West Lake Ainslie Road has a 15 tonne weight restriction. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Croft Road Croft Road, from Trunk 3 to Trunk 12, has alternating lane closures for repaving until Wednesday, Nov. 30. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work will take place from sunrise to sunset. PICTOU COUNTY: West River Road The new roundabout in the Town of Pictou is now open to traffic.Construction continues on Sunset Street with a detour in place onto Weaver Road. This will result in stop-and-go traffic over night. This work is expected to be completed by Saturday, Nov. 19. HANTS COUNTY: West Indian Road West Indian Road from Trunk 14 to Ess Road has alternating lane closures for road work until Friday, Nov. 11. Traffic is controlled by flag people and work takes place from sunrise to sunset.last_img read more

Bdesh seek resurgence vs inconsistent SL

first_imgBristol: Smarting from consecutive defeats, Bangladesh will look to get their World Cup campaign back on track when they take on an inconsistent Sri Lanka here on Tuesday. Bangladesh made a perfect start to their World Cup campaign, posting their highest One-Day International score of 330-6 during the 21-run win over South Africa. However, the Tigers were not able to take forward the winning momentum and were handed a two-wicket loss by New Zealand followed by a massive a 106-run defeat to hosts England. Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach ArunIn the batting department, wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim has been impressive but openers Soumya Sarkar and Tamim Iqbal have squandered their starts, failing to play impactful knocks. Star all-rounder Shakib-al Hasan, who is in fine form with the bat, having scored two half-centuries and a hundred in the tournament, is expected to play the key role again for his side. However, Bangladesh’s main concern will be their bowling that came unstuck in their previous game against England who amassed 386. “We are disappointed in the manner we actually bowled. I thought we bowled really, really well against South Africa and against New Zealand. We were expecting a better bowling performance in this match,” Shakib had said after the match. Also Read – Bastian Schweinsteiger announces retirement, could join Germany set-upSri Lanka, on the other hand, will be optimistic of their chances after recovering from a crushing 10-wicket defeat in their opening match against New Zealand. The Dimuth Karunaratne-led side beat Afghanistan in a rain-shortened game to breathe life into their campaign but the island nation were forced to split points with Pakistan after the match was called off due to heavy rains. Sri Lanka’s batting unit has failed to last the full 50 overs in both their matches. They lost five wickets for 14 runs against New Zealand and then seven wickets for 36 runs against Afghanistan and the 1996 champions will be wary of another middle-order batting collapse. In the bowling department, Sri Lanka will miss the services of pacer Nuwan Pradeep, who was the architect of their win against Afghanistan, claiming four wickets for 31 runs. In his absence, the onus will be more on veteran pacer Lasith Malinga to guide the side to victory against Bangladesh.last_img read more

Facebook invests in Indian startup Meesho

first_imgNew Delhi: In its first-ever equity investment in an Indian start-up, Facebook on Thursday announced an investment in Meesho, a platform that enables Indian entrepreneurs to establish online businesses via social channels. Although the social networking giant did not disclose the amount, the move by Facebook is seen as a commitment to the country’s vibrant Internet ecosystem. “We are excited about India and its rapidly rising Internet ecosystem. With this investment in Meesho, we want to fuel a business model that can result in rapid job creation and the rise of a female entrepreneurial class in India,” Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director, Facebook India said in a statement. Also Read – Spotify rolls out Siri support, new Apple TV app Facebook in 2017 introduced a programme for women-founded companies � SheLeads Tech � to support them with access to community, tools, mentorship and resources to succeed in building a business in technology. “We love that the company is translating the power of online communities to expand economic opportunity for all of India, and especially women,” Mohan added. Qccording to Vidit Aatrey, Co- Founder, Meesho, the company has grown from its humble beginnings at IIT to 15,000 suppliers and 2,000,000 resellers throughout India in just four years. Also Read – New Instagram tool to help users spot phishing emails “We share a common goal with Facebook – to enable community and help small businesses grow. This commitment from Facebook will help us leapfrog towards our goal,” said Aatrey. India is the third largest startup market globally and with its startup initiatives like SheLeads Tech, Code for the Next Billion, India Innovation Hub and more, Facebook has come to discover that the startup phenomenon is rapidly expanding to smaller cities.last_img read more

Disruptions bad for Parliament Modi tells MPs

first_imgNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday told floor leaders of different political parties in the Parliament to keep political differences aside and not disrupt the functioning of the two Houses. Addressing them ahead of Parliament’s Budget session starting on Monday, Modi urged all political parties to work cohesively with the government for a smooth functioning of the House. The Prime Minister welcomed the newly-elected MPs and expressed hope that fresh zeal and energy would be infused in the functioning of the Parliament. Also Read – IAF receives its first Rafale fighter jet from France Modi urged all leaders to introspect whether MPs were able to fulfil people’s aspirations as their representatives. “We are for the people… We cannot win hearts by disrupting the functioning of the Parliament. All parties must keep political differences aside and commit themselves to tirelessly work in the direction of nation’s progress.” The Prime Minister said the government was always receptive to the issues raised by the political parties and was ready to discuss all matters of national importance on the floor of both the Houses. Also Read – Cosmology trio win Nobel Physics Prize Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said that there was consensus across party lines to ensure a smooth functioning of Parliament sans disruptions and deadlocks. Joshi said Modi had invited Presidents of all political parties with representation in Parliament on June 19 and MPs from both the Houses on June 20 to freely interact and exchange views with the government. “This novel initiative would go a long way in building team spirit among all the parliamentarians which in turn would ensure smooth functioning of the Parliament in future,” Joshi said. In the Budget session, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha would have 30 and 27 sittings respectively between June 17 and July 26. Giving details, Joshi said the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha will commence on June 17 while the 249th session of the Rajya Sabha will begin on June 20. The coming session will mainly be devoted to oath taking, election of the Speaker, motion of thanks on the President’s address and financial business relating to the Union Budget for 2019-20. Time will also be provided for the transaction of essential legislative and non-legislative business. The resolution seeking extension of Article 356 in Jammu and Kashmir also needs to be approved by both the Houses by July 2. The Economic Survey of India will be presented in Parliament on July 4 and the Union Budget for 2019-20 in the Lok Sabha at 11 a.m. on July 5. Ten ordinances have been promulgated during the inter-session period which are to be replaced by Acts of Parliament as they shall cease to operate at the expiration of six weeks from the reassembly of Parliament by August 1. Of the 46 Bills lapsed on the dissolution of the 16th Lok Sabha, some are likely to be revived and brought before Parliament. While the government put forth its legislative agenda, the opposition parties met and raised other issues, including problems related to farmers and water availability. After the meeting, senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said the party told the government to focus on issues related to farmers, drought and water availability and take immediate steps to control unemployment which had increased in the last five years. “This is a war of ideology and it will continue. The Congress will work for the people, whether it remains in government or not.” Condemning the government’s steps to create pressure on media, Azad said they raised issues on “freedom of expression and speech”. “We also raised the issue that the opposition must be allowed to speak on the Bills in Parliament. We will allow passing of those Bills which would benefit the people.” On behalf of the Trinamool Congress, Sudip Bandyopadhyay and Derek O’Brien raised the issues of electoral reforms, including state funding of elections and paper ballots, scrutiny of Bills, Women’s Reservation Bill, federalism and ordinances. The meeting was attended by Union Ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Thawar Chand Gehlot, Arjun Ram Meghwal and V. Muraleedharan as well as other leaders. Congress’ Anand Sharma and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Farooq Abdullah of the National Conference and Nationalist Congress Party leader Supriya Sule were among the other leaders who attended the meeting.last_img read more

Rapper Hard Kaur booked for posts against Yogi Bhagwat

first_imgVaranasi: A case has been registered against rapper Hard Kaur under various sections of the Indian Penal Code including sedition for her posts against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. The complaint was filed in Varanasi by lawyer Shashank Shekhar under IPC Sections 124A (sedition), 153 (promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion), 500 (defamation) and 505 (intent to incite), and Section 66 of the IT Act. Also Read – Cong may promise farm loan waiver in Haryana Hard Kaur, in her Facebook and Instagram pages, had put up posts with “derogatory comments” against Yogi Adityanath. She blamed the RSS for police officer Hemant Karkare’s death in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. The investigation in the case has been handed over to the Crime Branch’s Surveillance Cell. Hard Kaur, whose real name is Taran Kaur Dhillon, is a Punjabi and Hindi rap singer and has sung in several Bollywood films.last_img read more

Punjabi rapper Honey Singh courts row over lewd lyrics

first_imgChandigarh: Popular Punjabi rapper Honey Singh has again courted a controversy for lewd lyrics in his new song “Makhna”. Taking a suo moto cognizance, Punjab State Women Commission Chairperson Manisha Gulati said she has written to the Director General of Police to register a criminal case against the singer for using lyrics like “Mein hoon womaniser (I am a womaniser)”. “A legal action and an inquiry is required to be initiated by the police on the matter as the song readied by T-series chairman Bhushan Kumar and singers Honey Singh and Neha Kakkar uses vulgar words against women,” she said in a communique. Also Read – Rihanna to release 500-page ‘visual’ autobiography She said the Commission has sought status report from the police officials by July 12 in this regard. Demanding a ban on the song, she said it is “indecent and have a degrading influence on society”. The rapper in 2013 was involved in a controversy over the lyrics of his song “Main hoon balatkari (I am a rapist)”. Even the Punjab and Haryana High Court had ordered the Punjab government to file a case against Honey Singh for singing vulgar songs. It had also said singers like Honey Singh should be boycotted, as “his songs make us hang our heads in shame”.last_img read more

Illegal structure of Bidhan Market dismantled

first_imgDarjeeling: The Bidhan Market Byabsahi Samity (BMBS,) Siliguri has dismantled the first floor of the “illegal” structure in Bidhan Market.This comes on the heels of the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) issuing a notice on July 15 ordering the dismantling of the structure within 72 hours. Talking to media persons in Siliguri on Wednesday, Minister Deb stated that the traders have dismantled the first floor. “They have given a written undertaking that this structure is temporary and they will remove it as soon as the SJDA starts construction. Among them there are many shops that have trade license and are paying electricity bills. Some of the traders have been running shops here for more than 30 years. The SJDA in the next two months will draw up designs, plans and complete the tender process for building 20 kiosk styled shops in place of this illegal construction, where the deserving traders will be rehabilitated in these kiosks,” said the minister. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersHe said a Rs 50 crore project for the modernisation of the Bidhan Market area had been passed on 12-09-2011 under the Siliguri urbanization plans. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had chaired the meeting then. A meeting was held in Siliguri on Wednesday attended by the district administration, police, fire brigade, electricity department, SJDA authorities and other concerned departments. “I have stated that while issuing trade license, electricity connections there has to be strict checking of documents. Whether the building is legal? Whether ownership is legal? After this only trade license, electricity connection, water connections should be given,” added Deb. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe minister stated that illegal constructions had started to mushroom. “We will not allow any illegal constructions. The public have to be made aware. The public need to come out and protest against all illegal constructions. Incidentally, Deb during a visit to the Bidhan Market on Saturday found out that a two- storied concrete structure was being built in the area where 7 shops had been gutted in a fire in June. Instead of rebuilding 7 shops that had been gutted, the two-storied structure was being built to accommodate 22 shops in the ground floor and an open hall like structure on the first floor. Dubbing it as an “illegal” structure being built by a section of traders on SJDA land the minister had threatened to demolish it. The BMBS had then staged a demonstration and blocked the busy Bidhan road.last_img read more

In a 1st NCLT allows 13 Videocon group companies to be clubbed

first_imgMumbai: To speed up the resolution process and also to get better value, the National Company Law Tribunal in a first on Thursday allowed the RP to consolidate 13 of the 15 Videocon Group companies into a single entity, citing similarity in their operations. While the nascent domestic bankruptcy law is silent on consolidating different the books of insolvent companies, citing larger interest of lenders and other stakeholders, the Mumbai bench drew examples from British and American bankruptcy laws. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”We heard the arguments both for consolidation and against it. I think it is time to introduce consolidation of accounts with similar operations. As there are no domestic laws to draw from, I have taken some guidance from the British and American laws. “Under certain circumstances they have allowed consolidation and under some they have even rejected it. So, of the 15 companies, 13 can be consolidated into a single account, having a direct link and interlink of accounts which will maximise their value,” tribunal judge MK Shrawat said. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe tribunal also appointed Mahendra Khandelwal as the RP of the consolidated unit. The other two organizations–Trend Electronics and KAIL –will have separate resolution process, the bench said and explained that these two companies have separate sources of income and after segregation they can survive and get better value. The resolution process of the consolidated Videocon Group companies and Trend Electronics and KAIL will begin from the day of this order. Separate RPs will also be appointed for Trend Electronics and KAIL, the tribunal added. In January, the lenders led by SBI had sought citing procedural consolidation of the 15 Videocon Group saying it will maximise the value of assets and all stakeholders will benefit from such a move, apart from speeding up the resolution process. The flagship Videocon Industries’ debt stood at Rs 19,506 crore as of March 2018. The group is among the 40 largest defaulters identified by the Reserve Bank’s first list for insolvency in late 2016.last_img read more

Mexico City suspends six police in rape investigation

first_imgMexico City: Mexico City’s mayor said on Tuesday that six police officers were suspended as part of an investigation into the rape of two teenage girls, after demonstrations by hundreds of women demanding justice. Around 250 people had taken to the streets on Monday, dousing the capital’s security minister in pink glitter and smashing the glass doors of the local prosecutor’s office. The protests were in response to two recent cases: that of a 17-year-old girl who says four policemen raped her in their patrol car as she left a party on the capital’s north side, and that of a 16-year-old girl who says a policeman raped her at the national photography archive museum, in the city centre. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US “Six police have been suspended from their duties while the investigation continues,” said Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, the first woman elected to the job, in a video posted to Twitter. “There will be no impunity nor any fabrication of guilt. The rapes are the latest incidents to trigger outrage over the high rate of violence against women and girls in Mexico. One policeman was already arrested Thursday in the case that occurred at the museum. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls In addition to covering the capital’s security minister, Jesus Orta, with glitter as he appealed for calm, the protesters, who were mostly women, spray-painted a group of policemen and displayed a pig’s head outside the local prosecutor’s office. Masked demonstrators later hurled rocks at the building, shattering the glass entrance. Machismo plays a prominent role in Mexican culture, and levels of violence against women and girls are high in the country. Nine women are murdered in Mexico every day, according to the United Nations.last_img read more

What next Filmmakers dilemma

first_imgWith the kind of films that unspool every week, one can conclude that there is a dearth of not only ideas but also direction! A varied kind of films are being made. Each filmmaker trying to come out with something different. This includes all – big as well as medium-range producers. The idea seems to be taking a shot in the dark. It is all about taking chances. Some producers are falling back on period costume dramas, which work out very costly and not every director’s cup of tea. This genre was avoided for a long time mainly because of these two reasons, capability and cost. Yet, we have had period films like Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat, Manikarnika and Kesari. There have been a few flops in this genre like Mohenjo Daro, Rangoon and Thugs Of Hindostan. The backers of such films would do it only on the basis of saleable stars, coupled with a capable director. Still it often proves risky. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainEach week, a new kind of film is dropped in the market. For instance, last week we had Khandaani Shafakhana, a film discussing sexual problems for those who can make sense of the title! For one, sex and problems related to it are not generally discussed in India. Delhi and surrounding areas do have such clinics but that does not make the subject acceptable all over. One may have thought if Vicky Donor could work, why not take it a step further? An odd subject like Vicky Donor or Piku, very personal to people, does work. But they need to be woven into a plausible story and dealt with a fair amount of humour. Recent such films are Piku, Padman, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. This is called reaching out to personal matters of people. Humour is a must since it delivers the message without making the proceedings seem mundane. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardIt seems filmmaking is all about inspirational and awareness films. A small film about a person few had heard about, Paan Singh Tomar, followed by Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, opened up a new genre – the biopic. Neerja, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and Dangal followed in quick succession. The film industry calls this a (trend). It does not last long, though. Most writers who script stories like Piku or Vicky Donor, or directors who make films like Dangal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Neerja, have always had this problem: What next? They usually have nothing that matches the earlier success. No maker seemed to have a worthy successor. So, they go back to usual claptrap and come a cropper. There were also some biopics like Manjhi: The Mountain Man or Sachin: A Billion Dreams where the makers just chose to go with the trend but turned the film into a documentary. A film like Sachin: A Billion Dreams costs crores as royalty to the character on whose life it is based, as well as to acquire real life footage.last_img read more

2 FIRs cant be lodged in same offence Maha court

first_imgThane: More than one FIR cannot be lodged in the same offence, a Thane court in Maharashtra has said while acquitting 10 people accused in an over 25-year-old case of attempt to murder and rioting. The ultimate objective of every investigation is to find out whether the offence is alleged to have been committed and if so, who committed it, Additional Sessions Judge A S Pandharikar observed in his order issued last Thursday. According to the prosecution, the families of one Tatya Patel and Kesharinath Mhatre, an activist of a political party, were into the business of supplying construction material to developers. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ On February 10, 1994, members of Patel’s family and some others, armed with weapons, came to Mhatre’s house at Kashi village in Thane district, and warned him against supplying the construction material to a contractor. They also threw a fireball at Mhatre’s house, following which a part of it got damaged. Seventeen people were booked under Indian Penal Code Sections 307 (attempt to murder), 342 (wrongful confinement), 143, 147, 148, 149 (for unlawful assembly and rioting), 436 and 427 (mischief). Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K Of these, three are still absconding, while four died during the course of trial in the case. Judge Pandharikar took recourse to a 2013 Supreme Court ruling, while acquitting the remaining 10 accused. He said on perusal of the prosecution’s theory, it is clear two FIRs have been registered for the same incident. Referring to the apex court ruling, he said, “The legal position is that there cannot be two FIRs against the same accused in the same case.” “When there are rival versions of the same episode, they would normally take the shape of two different FIRs and the investigation can be carried out under both of them by the same probing agency,” he said. Apart from that, the report submitted to the court by way of subsequent FIR needs to be considered as an information about new discovery made by police during investigation that persons named in the first FIR were the real culprits. In the present case, the complainant (Mhatre’s wife) herself does not know the names of all the accused. “Then, who is the person who inserted the name of the accused in the complaint? This question remains unanswered,” he observed. “The ultimate objective of every investigation is to find out whether the offence is alleged to have been committed and if so, who committed it,” the judge said. “There can be no second FIR for fresh investigation or on receipt of every subsequent information in respect of cognizable offence or of the same occurrence giving rise to one or more cognizable offences. Only the first complaint can be regarded as an FIR,” the court said. “In view of this observation of the Supreme Court, I am of the view that the prosecution has failed to prove its case beyond all reasonable doubts,” he said while acquitting the accused.last_img read more